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Arabic TV
800 Al Jazeera, Quatar Page
102 Sat 7 Arabic, Egypt Page
448 France 24 Arabe, France Media
288 Jordan TV, Jordan Media
299 Sharjah TV, United Arabic Emirates Media
Belarusian TV
256 Belarus TV, Belarus Media
Bosnian TV
1.0 Hema TV, Bosnia-Herzegovina Media
Bulgarian TV
400 BGTV, Bulgaria Page
1.0 TVart, Bulgaria Media
Catalan TV
273 ATV, Andorra Media
Croatian TV
273 STV, Croatia Media
Czech TV
2.0 HDTV 1, Czech Republic Page
1.7 O2 TV, Czech Republic Media
Dutch TV
800 101 TV, Netherlands Page
539 AT5, Netherlands Page
800 Cultura, Netherlands Page
800 Humor TV, Netherlands Page
800 NOS Journaal 24, Netherlands Page
800 RTLZ, Netherlands Page
543 RTV NH, Netherlands Page
520 RTV West, Netherlands Page
512 Salto A1, Netherlands Media
800, Netherlands Page
Estonian TV
250 Life TV, Estonia Page
250 Riigikogu, Estonia Media
Finnish TV
576 The Voice, Finland Media
364 TV7, Finland Media
Frisian TV
300 Omrop Fryslan, Netherlands Page
Galician TV
120 Galicia TV, Spain Media
Greek TV
440 4E TV, Greece Media
352 Kanali 10, Greece Media
539 Sport TV, Greece Media
210 Star TV, Greece Media
200 Thraki Net, Greece Media
Hebrew TV
300 Kabbalah TV, Israel Media
Hindi TV
350 NDTV Hindu, India Page
Hungarian TV
500 City TV, Hungary Media
1.5 Dance TV, Hungary Page
1.1 Fix TV, Hungary Media
Indonesian TV
235 Tritv, Indonesia Page
Japanese TV
295 Channel J, Japan Media
325 Fuji News Network, Japan Media
541 NC Kyo, Japan Page
500 Odoroku TV, Japan Page
500 QVC, Japan Page
502 Shop Channel, Japan Media
Korean TV
220 MBN Live, South Korea Page
Kurdish TV
242 Kurdistan TV, Iraq Page
Latvian TV
1.0 TV24, Latvia Page
Malay TV
128 RTB Brunei, Brunei Media
Maltese TV
600 Smash TV, Malta Page
392 Super1 TV, Malta Media
Norwegian TV
512 TV Visjon Norge, Norway Page
Polish TV
800 Eska TV, Poland Page
218 Telewizja Trwam, Poland Media
1.4 Toya TV, Poland Page
247 TTK, Poland Media
400 Tuba TV, Poland Page
Romanian TV
755, Romania Media
755 Digi Sport, Romania Media
640 Muscel TV, Romania Page
358 TV Cosmos, Romania Media
Slovak TV
273 TA 3, Slovakia Media
449 TV Bratislava, Slovakia Media
Slovenian TV
990 Play TV, Slovenia Media
Swedish TV
539 Kanal 10, Sweden Media
596 The Voice, Sweden Media
Thai TV
1.0 MCOT 1, Thailand Media
1.0 MCOT 2, Thailand Media
257 MVTV 2, Thailand Media
512 Nation Channel, Thailand Media
539 News 1, Thailand Media
241 SBT TV, Thailand Media
250 TV9, Thailand Media
Turkish TV
112 Dost TV, Turkey Media
273 Elif TV, Turkey Media
320 TRT 1, Turkey Media
320 TRT 3, Turkey Media
320 TRT 4, Turkey Media
320 TRT Int, Turkey Media
339 TRT Muzik, Turkey Media
Ukrainian TV
222 1Auto, Ukraine Media
276 1Plus1 TV, Ukraine Media
440 UTR, Ukraine Media
Urdu TV
208 Channel 5, Pakistan Media
Uzbek TV
248 Ma'naviyat, Uzbekistan Media
Vietnamese TV
363 Info TV, Vietnam Media
720 PTQ, Vietnam Media
331 QTV, Vietnam Media
248 Saigon TV, Vietnam Media
216 THVL 1, Vietnam Media
320 THVL 2, Vietnam Media
331 VBS, Vietnam Media
375 VNN TV, Vietnam Media